A diamond continues, after all this time, to be the world's most exquisite gemstone. A diamond is millions of years old. It is the purest of the gemstones because it consists of one single element — carbon. Of course what makes the diamond, once properly cut, so beautiful is its ability to reflect light. The diamond gathers natural light within itself and reflects it back in an explosion of brilliance and fire. It is the most enduring and hardest transparent substance known to man. For these reasons the diamond has traditionally signified the perfect symbol of love.

It is important when choosing your diamond to examine each of the four C's: cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.


Principle diamond cuts include: emerald; round; pear shaped; marquise; baguette; oval and heart shapes. The cut of the diamond is vital to release the brilliance of the stone. A combination of specific grading cut and visual qualities — brilliance and light dispersion — and overall proportions must be taken into account.

Diamond Sizes